Authored by: Laura Deneckere and Maria Young, AmeriCorps members at South Shore K-8 School

Left and right: Students are greeted by African American community as part of National African American Parent Involvment Day. 
Middle: Laura (front right), Maria (back row, second from left) and their teammates at Opening Day

February is a time of reflection. We take time to remember and commemorate the hard work and dedication of so many African American people who actively fight systems of oppression. It is evident that our community and the strength that has emerged would not have been possible without their social justice activism and dedication.

In celebration of National African American Parent Involvement Day (NAAPID), South Shore K-8 School hosted over 200 African American adults, who greeted our students, amplified their voices, and engaged in meaningful dialogue about how to support them through their education. This event is one of many that allowed for our beloved community to empower students and show them that each and every voice is important for cultivating change and success.

Additionally, during Black History Month all elementary and middle school students at South Shore participated in a march throughout the Rainier Beach neighborhood, standing for peace and equality to honor the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy. In doing so, students of all ages, representing incredibly diverse backgrounds, came together to partake in his inspirational vision for solidarity and collective social justice.

It is clear that this fight may be far from over, but we as City Year AmeriCorps members encourage and inspire our students to show up every day, continuing to work towards change.

For more resources on how you can get involved in Black History Month and celebrating diversity, check out these resources: 

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