Denny International Middle School celebrated their annual College Week May 19-23, 2014!

Throughout the week-long event, students focus on the future and find out more about the road to college. Corps members at Denny not only got to take part in the festivities but also plan many of the events.

As a part of this theme and celebration, college-focused lessons were taught daily. Special activities, including visits from college representatives, were held during lunchtime, and on Friday, all three grade-levels went off to college on an exciting field trip.

Here’s a glimpse into our week of futuristic fun:

Monday, 5/19: Intro to College (lesson taught in Language Arts)

We held a “College Scavenger Hunt” for information about topics such as financial aid, choosing a major, and public vs. private colleges.

Tuesday, 5/20: What’s important in High School (lesson taught in Social Studies)

We had a “College Photo Booth” where students took pictures with signs of where they wanted to go to college someday!

Wednesday, 5/21: Major and Career Awareness (lesson, including presentations from City Year, taught in Science)

We offered students a chance to take a survey on BigFuture about their college preferences to see which colleges in the nation might be a good fit for them!

Thursday, 5/22: Financing College (lesson taught in Math)

We challenged students to match members of the Seattle Seahawks to their alma maters!

Friday, 5/23: Whole-school Field Trip Day!

o   6th grade: All scholars went to Seattle Central Community College

o   7th Grade: Half the class went to South Seattle Community College and the other  half went to Highline Community College

o   8th Grade: All scholars went to the University of Washington

On our field trips, our scholars enjoyed college tours, attended classes, and experienced an afternoon on campus.

All in all, it was a spectacular week. Students had the opportunity to ask teachers and corps members questions about the future that might not come up on a daily basis. For corps members, it was refreshing to teach students about topics outside of the normal Math and ELA curriculum.

Talking about college, a place where I experienced a lot of personal growth and made important relationships, reminded me of PITW #50 “We must never lose the human aspect of what we are doing.”

College Week grounded us in the human aspect of our work because we were able to get students excited about college, not only for the classrooms and the career paths but also for the opportunities to explore who they are and who they want to be.

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