PITW #49: Don’t Forget to Have Fun! 
A little bit of fun builds community and makes the group more productive over the long run. When your plans are almost done, go back over them and do a “fun” check – especially for retreats and long meetings. If there is no fun time there, go back and put some in.

One of the most inspirational aspects of City Year culture is our PITWs- statements that help us “Put Idealism to Work.” These PITWs are an important part of the way we approach service each day. Service with City Year is extremely rewarding but also very taxing, and we often turn to our set of PITWs for inspiration and direction. PITW statements can consist of almost any sort of information, including reminders to laugh once a day or make sure to seek maximum input on decisions. City Year Tulsa wants to recognize members of the site that stand out as examples of excellence in service and who embody a PITWs' message.

Today, we’re excited to recognize Kendall Whittier Elementary corps member Brooke Thedford for embodying PITW #49: Don’t Forget to Have Fun! Brooke is full of sunshine and is always someone that her team turns to for energy and excitement. At school, the kids congregate around Brooke as she as she arrives each day, and her laughter always puts those around her at ease. Even beyond school service, Brooke is also an incredibly important person to other City Year corps and staff. Her smile is highly contagious, and everyone who spends time around her leaves feeling a little bit better. We’re so thankful to have Brooke at City Year Tulsa, and we want to emulate the excitement and fun that she brings to service each day. Well done, Brooke!

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