Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! In its 18th year, the National Education Association's Read Across America Day is a part of a year-round program that focuses on motivating children and teens to read through events, partnerships, and reading resources. You can find more information and events by looking here.

Read Across America Day: Tips for Encouraging a Young Reader

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” - Dr. Seuss

Encourage the young readers in your life to pick up a book in celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday! Here's a list of tips to get them reading:

1. Let Them Choose - Allow your child to explore his or her interests by choosing the book that he or she reads.

2. Visit the Library - Make your next visit to library special by accompanying your child and sharing in the experience of picking out books.

3. Choose Books Based on the Movies He Likes - Take a look at the movies and television shows that your child watches and find books that fit into that genre. 

4. Let Her Publish a Book Review - Talk to your child about what she is reading and let her publish a book review to a social site, such as goodreads.com.

5. Encourage Writing - Journaling and story telling helps your child put what she is learning into practice.

6. Buy a Dictionary - Older children may not feel comfortable asking for the definitions of words. Supply your child with a quality dictionary so that she can look up words on her own. 

7. Listen to Audio Books - Play audio books on long car trips or load books onto her iPod. 

8. Read Together - Make a habit of reading together before bed. Older children can benefit from reading chapter books with parents. Alternate reading each page or paragraph. 


Each day, City Year Tulsa AmeriCorps members help students with reading assignments. Learn how you can #makebetterhappen in the life of a child by visiting http://www.cityyear.org/tulsa.

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