By Alexina Beckley,
 AmeriCorps member serving on the HSBC team at Plummer School

Joining City Year as a Mid-Year AmeriCorps member, I wanted to take every opportunity I could in order to make the most out of the remainder of this service year. One way I chose to get involved outside of regular service hours was to join some of City Year’s extracurricular opportunities, such as the Service Reserves and the Breakfast of Champions team. These extracurricular opportunities not only allow me to spend extra time serving the DC community, but have also proven to be great opportunities to develop professional skills to help with my Leadership After City Year plans. Furthermore, Service Reserves and Breakfast of Champions have allowed me to get to know other AmeriCorps members outside of my school-based team and to work with different City Year staff members.

My first introduction to City Year outside of mid-year training was Martin Luther King, Jr Day of Service, and I had a great time painting murals and interacting with our volunteers. My experience during MLK Day inspired me to apply for Service Reserves, so that I would have the opportunity to do more physical service projects around the city. Service Reserves has helped develop my leadership skills and creativity, and I’m really looking forward to the next service day at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School this weekend!

So far, Breakfast of Champions has been a really interesting opportunity to learn how to tell moving service stories and to market City Year as an organization. I’ve had the opportunity to engage with various community partners during breakfast and learn about their interest in City Year, all while sharing stories of my students and of my service experience. Breakfast of Champions has helped to boost my networking skills and confidence, and is a great way to make connections with working professionals in the D.C. area.

Overall, I’m really glad I decided to push myself to join some of the many City Year extracurricular opportunities, and would encourage all AmeriCorps members to join an extracurricular that interests them. It’s a great way to extend your service outside of the classroom, develop new skills, and meet other AmeriCorps members serving alongside you.

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